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Buick GMC Service Gurnee, IL


Regular maintenance and trouble-shooting problems as soon as they’re identified are keys to ensuring that any automobile can provide its drivers with years of reliable and safe operation.  It’s for this reason that Anthony Buick GMC at 7225 Grand Avenue in Gurnee, IL offers the complete service that’s needed to not only keep vehicles in peak condition, but to also save their owners money over the course of several years.  While some of the services at Anthony Buick GMC are listed below, drivers are invited to call (888) 255-0927 to learn more about the other types of maintenance work provided by its GM-certified technicians.

Oil and Filter Changes

Regular oil and filter changes are among the most importance services an automobile must receive, as they are key to maintaining clean and efficient engine operation.  For quick oil changes near Gurnee, IL, area drivers are always invited to take their automobiles in to Anthony Buick GMC’s Service Department.  

Wheel Alignment

What may start out as a slight steering problem can rapidly become a safety issue, especially as affected vehicles hit the potholes that usually form during winter.  It’s for this reason that Anthony Buick GMC offers wheel alignment service throughout the year.  

Quick Lube Services

Which dealership offers quick lube service near me?  For drivers near Gurnee, IL, it’s Anthony Buick GMC.  Before winter weather and salt start to affect their vehicle’s underbody, however, they’re invited to come in to 7225 Grand Avenue to make sure its chassis is properly lubricated.  

Winterization Services

Cold temperatures, road salt, and other winter weather effects can gradually degrade an automobile.  It’s for this reason that Anthony Buick GMC offers complete winterization services that include battery checks, fluid changes, radiator inspections, and underbody/chassis inspections.  

Battery Replacement and Inspection Services

While checking battery fluid levels before winter is critical for a vehicle’s long-term health, it should still be carried out throughout the year, especially in early spring.  For battery inspections near Gurnee, IL, local drivers are therefore invited to take their automobile to Anthony Buick GMC.  

Software Upgrade Services

Buick and GMC vehicles that feature advanced InfoTech systems are always sold with the latest software updates already installed, however new upgrades and patches are often developed during any system’s lifetime.  If they need software updates near Gurnee, IL, drivers are in great hands if they take their cars to the GM-certified technicians who work for the Service Department at Anthony Buick GMC  

Regularly Scheduled Service

To keep a car in great condition, it should actually receive several of the types of inspection listed above on a regular basis.  To save time and accomplish them all at once, drivers of vehicles that are still in excellent condition should schedule regular vehicle service at Anthony Buick GMC.   For more on the other services and service specials offered at Anthony Buick GMC, call (888) 255-0927 today!