Anthony Buick GMC Lease Return



Leasing a Buick or GMC vehicle has several advantages; however, many drivers may be a bit apprehensive about what’s involved in a lease return.  They shouldn’t be, though, as Anthony Buick GMC in Gurnee, IL makes it easy to return leased car models at any stage of the contract.  The process for a Buick or GMC lease return is even so simple that it can be summed up in a short Q & A session:

Q: What Should Drivers Do as the Contract on Their Lease Nears Completion?

A: Before their lease comes to a close, drivers who are preparing to return a Buick or GMC vehicle should schedule an inspection that will determine if the automobile has any outstanding mechanical issues.  It’s best to carry this inspection out within the last two months of the contract, but with enough time left to ensure any issues can be corrected before the mandated lease return date.  To make lease returns more convenient, Anthony Buick GMC can contact an agent who is authorized to conduct any needed inspections on the driver’s behalf.  

Q: How Much Time Does a Lease Inspection Take?

A: Barring any unforeseen or unusual issues, a vehicle inspection for a Buick or GMC lease return usually takes about an hour.  While the driver who is returning a leased car is not required to be present, this is strongly recommended.  

Q: What Options Do Drivers who are returning a Leased Car Have?

A: Drivers who are returning a leased car have three basic options: 1) They can buy out their lease, 2) Return their      lease, or 3) Return their lease and choose another vehicle.  In general, the end-of-lease buyout price will be the residual value of the lease contract.  Given the high quality and reliability of both Buick and GMC models, a buyout rather than a completed lease return may make sense for some buyers.  The rapid advances in automobile InfoTech and safety systems, however, may make leasing a new vehicle from Anthony Buick GMC a more enticing prospect for drivers who want the latest in technology.  

Q: Is a Buick Lease Return Different Than a GMC Lease Return?

A: No.  Both Buick lease returns and GMC lease returns at Anthony Buick GMC follow the same process.  

Q: Does a Buick or GMC Lease Return Have to be Carried Out at the Dealership Where the Vehicle Was Originally Leased?

A: No, however drivers are invited to complete their Buick or GMC lease return at Anthony Buick GMC at 7225      Grand Avenue in Gurnee, IL.  This is because Anthony Buick GMC’s wide selection of new Buick and GMC models  makes it the ideal location for any area consumer to begin the search for their next vehicle.  To learn more about the  vehicles that are available at Anthony Buick GMC or the details involved in returning a leased car, call 847-693-7775  today!