Why Buy at Anthony Buick GMC

Gurnee GMC Dealer

Anthony Buick GMC Gives Gurnee Area Consumers the Best Auto Shopping Experience Around

Why should area drivers purchase their next automobile from Anthony Buick GMC when there are so many other auto dealerships in the Gurnee, IL area?  Why should they come to Anthony Buick GMC for service when they can just stop at any oil change outlet?  Why, even, should they buy from Anthony Buick GMC when every other brand is available in the region?

The answer to all these questions is simple: Anthony Buick GMC offers the highest quality, one stop auto shopping experience around!

Because it’s both a Buick and GMC dealer, Anthony Buick GMC not only carries vehicles from every automotive category, but also class-leading premium models.  Compact, mid-size, and full size sedans are all waiting on its lot at 7225 Grand Avenue, as are SUVs, trucks, and even convertibles.  This means that, whatever their need, any shopper is likely to find a vehicle from the category they desire at Anthony Buick GMC.  As a GMC commercial dealer, even businesses will discover that trucks, vans, and SUVs for any task are available at Anthony Buick GMC.


Why Should Drivers Choose Buick Over Other Luxury Models?

In short, Buick is America’s oldest luxury auto brand… and it didn’t achieve that honor, despite significant historical competition, on accident.  Buick models have always set industry standards when it comes to style, technology, and performance, with the current new Buick models for sale at Anthony Buick GMC being no exception.  Due to this multi-generational commitment to quality, the Buick brand has even earned one of the highest customer loyalty ratings in the auto industry, with families continuing to opt for Buick models for decades.  That’s a level of prestige and staying power that many of the newer upstart luxury auto brands can’t match… and it’s also a reason why Anthony Buick sales are always robust.


Are There Benefits to Shopping at an Official Buick Dealer Like Anthony Buick GMC?

As a fully authorized Buick dealer, Anthony Buick GMC is also able to offer special new car, pre-owned vehicle, and service specials.  This means that the Anthony Buick auto buying experience is not only convenient, but also a smart financial move.  If they’re looking for a luxury car, then, drivers should choose Buick, and if they’re looking for a Buick dealer, they should choose Anthony Buick GMC.


How Does Having GMC Models On Hand Help Anthony Buick GMC Stand Out From Other Dealers?

There are many truck, SUV, and van manufacturers in the market today.  GMC, however, is the only auto brand that’s dedicated to forging luxury and commercial trucks, vans, and SUVs, which means it has the unique ability to offer both families and businesses vehicles that are sophisticated and capable of performing real work.  As the official GMC dealer in Gurnee, IL, Anthony Buick GMC is therefore one of the few locations where consumers or fleet managers can find, on one lot, luxury SUVs that can be used to shuttle corporate executives, dedicated work trucks that can handle nearly any normal towing task, and sophisticated family SUVs that can pull even large boats.  The Anthony GMC inventory, in short, is filled with vehicles that offer a rare combination of style and versatility.


Why Choose Buick or GMC Service at Anthony Buick GMC?

Finally, as an official Buick and GMC dealer, Anthony Buick GMC operates a Service Department that is staffed by GM-certified and trained technicians who use authentic Buick and GMC parts.  This translates to better long-term savings, safety, and dependability for any Buick or GMC owner.


For more on why Anthony Buick GMC is the right choice for any individual or business that’s shopping for a new vehicle, call (847) 693-7775 or inspect the Anthony Buick and GMC inventories at 7225 Grand Avenue in Gurnee, IL today!